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Build Up 1/1+

Build Up 1 is for children who:
– started writing and reading
– know basic words, phrases and structures

Build Up 1+ is for children who:
– read and write
– know basic words, phrases and structures
– can articulate simple phrases

Great for groups of mixed-age students.

A combination of Total Immersion and Total Physical Response is indisputably gaining an edge over other methods for young ESL learners. Add visualisation with flashcards, limit the use of the mother tongue and let children flourish in this immersive playful environment.

The focus here is on communication in the target language and the practice of speaking.

Teach vocabulary and grammar structures using unique flashcards to visualise the lesson’s content and minimise the use of the mother tongue in the classroom. Let your students acquire the language through inducing exploration and discoveries.

The course comes with a set of flashcard games and pre-made lesson plans based on the 3P model (Present, Practice, Produce), but if you’re more experienced, feel free to adjust those to your needs!

Update 1
Chapter 1: About me & family members

You receive:
Handouts 6+7 handouts
Lesson plans with games!
17 flashcards in a pack

Update 2:
Chapter 2: School accessories

You receive:
Handouts 10 + 11 handouts
Lesson plans with games!
16 flashcards in a pack


This course is for teenagers & adults beginning their English-learning journey, also for those with high understanding of English language, but poor speaking skills.

Teach & practice vocabulary and grammar through engaging conversations. Each lesson comes with speaking prompts utilising presented vocabulary, and space to fill in as a revision material to do at home. 

Build good language habits eradicating errors through production and repetition.

Teachers maximise use of visual content in the teaching process, helping students contextualise vocabulary and structures.

Contents lets students practice speaking in-class with follow-up writing exercises for revision at home.

CEFR compliant.

Update 1
Journey – Part 0

grammar: articles (a, an, the), there is / are, to be, prepositions of place, have got, possessive adjectives
vocabulary: common nouns, numbers

8 lessons – 32 pages

Update 2:
Journey – Part 1

grammar: Present Simple, adverbs of frequency
vocabulary: everyday activities and time

8 lessons – 28 pages

The English Courier

This course is for:

Teenagers and adults at higher levels of English language proficiency.

The English Courier is our initiative to bring real-time teaching and studying in the form of articles from around the world.

The content you will find on the platform is developed by native English language users of our team and licensed to us by the most prominent news outlets in the world.

Each article comes with printable PDFs and exercises to practice freshly learned vocabulary. And if it is not enough, the students can log into the e-learning platform to do even more activities and print flashcards with the lesson’s words.


This course is for:

Students of all ages and levels of proficiency, beginning with A1.


The foundations for English language learners. Students are explicitly introduced to vocabulary and grammar structures.

Next, words are put in the context with a specific grammar structure and practised through drills.

Simple and effective, comes with audio recordings

Update 1
Offcourse - Update

Our continuously expanded course with today’s upgrade gives you 7 lessons on:

grammar:  the alphabet, articles, plural nouns, numbers (cardinal and ordinal), there is / are, prepositions of place

vocabulary: common nouns, rooms & furniture

Visual Grammar Cards

This course is for:

Students of all ages at levels A1 – A2.

Speaking-inducing teaching aid in the form of printable cards.

You receive:

– set of cards
– sentence frames
– teacher’s guide
– worksheets with questions


Daughter's Book

‘Daughter’s book’ is a self-study course for ESL learners written as a novel consisting of 45 chapters of texts and lexicogrammatical exercises. The course comes in two parts: A1-B1 and B1-B2.

The goal of the curriculum is to equip the student with the basic set of vocabulary required for communication or even discussion in the English language. 

It contains a selection of words, phrases and grammar structures based on the frequency of appearance in speech, writing and popular ESL coursebooks.

The course continues with the B2-C1 program ‘Eastern Treasure’ available on our platform.

The program has been developed by Marek Kuczyński, PhD.


Eastern Treasure

‘Eastern Treasure’ is a self-study course for intermediate and upper-intermediate students of English as a second language. The course is written in the form of a novel consisting of 24 chapters and follow-up lexical and grammatical exercises.

The goal of the curriculum is to equip the students with complex vocabulary and grammar structures required for the clear expression of thoughts in the English language. 

It contains a selection of 850 words and phrases and 300 contextualised grammatical structures popular in a range of English language examinations, e.g. FCE (currently: B2 First).

The program has been developed by Marek Kuczyński, PhD – author of over a dozen coursebooks published internationally.


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